We innovate constantly, through research and development we realize new features  to increase steadily the automation level of the robotic systems for medication management.

In over 40 years of development and production of robotic systems for industrial logistics, we have developed a high know-how and experience that allow us to create highly reliable, fast and innovative features.


LABEL was founded in 1975 and, over time, specialized in the fields of process automation and robotics for logistical systems. The company is staffed by highly qualified engineers and technicians who work on electronic and mechanical design projects using the very latest technology. With its consolidated history and wealth of experience in the industrial electromechanical, LABEL has focused all its efforts on the creation and development of automated storage systems specifically for pharmacies.


What really lies behind the success of the company is the technological innovation implemented by a team of superb engineers who can not only create new designs but can also identify concrete, effective, reliable solutions.
The Design team creates, refines and tests automated systems so as to offer nothing less than state-of-the-art solutions for this sector.
Research is aimed at setting new standards to increase the flexibility, the effectiveness and the speed of systems and, at the same time, aims to reduce the amount of space required and the costs involved in implementing the project.


“I chose Label Pharma System 3 years ago and I realize a remarkable increase of the exhibition area along with a substantial enhance in sales. Thanks to Label Pharma Solution, we can handle in a unique solution low, medium and high rotation products with the maximum performance. Furthermore this Solution enable to manage all different kind of products like boxes, jars of all sizes and shapes up to homeopathic items.
A considerable advantage of this Robot is the fully automatic charging system very reliable and quickly that permits the real plant autonomy. Choosing Label Pharma my expectations have been largely satisfied in terms of having a reliable partner that guarantees an efficient cost-effective service over the time.”

Riccardo Sansoni

(Axa Maddonnetta Riccardo Sansoni pharmacy in Rome, Italy)


“ As a wholesaler, Label Pharma system allowed us to reduce considerably processing time in order to complete large orders in just 40 seconds avoiding delay. Thanks to the Robotic System we can handle all type of rotation and all different kind of packaging like boxes, jars of all sizes and shapes including homeophatic products. A considerable advantage of Label Pharma solution is the fully automatic charging system very reliable and quickly that permits the real plant autonomy.”

Luca Canova

CTO VIPROF, (Homeopathic and Pharmaceutical medicine wholesaler)

“For a long time I was looking for a system able to manage even high-moving products in a unique system that had to be placed in a small area. By Label Pharma technology I met the right level of flexibility combined with a high performing robotic system.

The remarkable level of assistance 24h/7 a year provided by highly qualified technical experts is a company point of strength.”

Elena Galli

(Consonni pharmacy in Monticello Brianza, Italy)

“Label Pharma technology thanks to its fully automatic charging rapidity and a targeted management of the warehouse allows me to spend more time following the customer needs. One of the most key features is the large number of items that can be stored in few square meters of the Label Pharma system thus we might set it in a small basement. Gaining exhibition space and increasing the delivery capacity we obtained a meaningful enhancement of sales.”

Francesco Di Donna

(Cavour pharmacy in Naples, Italy)


In 2005, thanks to expertise gained over time and many years of experience in the sector, the company officially became part of the Region of Veneto “Mechatronics” industry.

“Mechatronics” is a term coined to mean a combination of mechanical and electronic systems that are at the heart of highly complex automated and robotic applications.

In 1997,LABEL ELETTRONICA S.r.l. was awarded ISO 9001/94 certification.

Every stage from initial planning to implementation and from testing to IT system maintenance is managed with “Quality” as the key issue.

The aim is to ensure the utmost in terms of equipment functionality and reliability.
In 2001-2002, the company took second place in the National Quality Awards Competition.