Features: the ideal characteristics of Medistore warehouse for your Pharmacy




Positioning and simultaneous loading of multiple packages - up to 10


Functionality “presa al volo”


Charging time: from 3 to 5 seconds fo quantites up to 10 products


Bar Code Reader Long Range


FAST CHARGE: The innovative LABEL PHARMA charging system allows the positioning and  simultaneous loading of multiple packages ( up to 10 products at the same time) while maintaining the feature called “presa al volo”: the robotic arm moves in synchrony with the loading belt during the intake of the products. This means that the advance of the products and the operator loading activities are not blocked, indeed the conveyor belt works in parallel with the robot.

It is also maintained the MULTIPICKING functionality (simultaneous withdrawal of multiple products) significantly reducing loading times and making the MEDISTORE system the fastest among all the robotic systems of the specific sector.

The operator loading time is equal to 3-5 seconds from 1 to 10 packages at the same time.

The Bar Code Reader Long Range allows the reading of one-dimensional and two- dimensional codes (Datamatrix), particularly the latter allows the automatic acquisition of the expiry date, lot number and other information related to the medicine considered, if available.


Customised transport system


Silent and fast conveyor belts


Micro-lift, diverters and spiral slides




Customised transport system.

The MEDISTORE automated warehouse can be installed in any available area : on the ground floor ( also in rooms far from the point of delivery) , one or more underground floors or on the upper levels ( ​​possible by making use of high speed performance retrieval / delivery of products), relocating the warehouse and thereby expanding the sales area.

The specialized staff LABEL PHARMA offers the best solutions, creating projects that meet the needs in terms of space efficiency and delivery speed of the products required by the pharmacy staff.

Silent conveyor belts ( 30 dB of noise) , Microlift , diverters and spiral slides, are used to made available the products in sales area within a few seconds .




Medistore system is ” MADE TO MEASURE”, it could be installed in every environment, even if it is placed far from the delivery points. According to the needs of the client, sofware features are entirely customizable. It offers maximum flexibility for all sizes of the robotic system: length,  height, width without particular limits.

The Medistore system was designed to manage all pharmaeutical packages available on the market, including traditional carton packaging, bottles and jars, measuring at least 6 mm (granules) and up to 150 mm, and weighing up to 2.5 kg per package.

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