All the available options for automated solutions Medistore

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Our Options


New design and new features increasing performance never seen before

Fully automatic loading faster than ever until 400 boxes in 1 hour.

New automatic loading always faster and compact until 400 packages/h. The load of the products is entirely automatic without unexpected interruptions.

The system allows automatic reading of the expiry dates as well as one-dimensional and two- dimensional codes (Datamatrix / QR CODE) by means of  Imager readers. Furthermore, optionally available a high-resolution camera system applicable to the fully automatic charger for the automatic acquisition of the expiry dates and batch number of each package.


The temperature provided for by law of 25° C is constantly controlled and recorded.


The automated system offers the option to include a refrigerated section that allows medicines to be stored under controlled temperature and environmental conditions between 2 and 8 degrees.


The pharmacy always available 24h/365 days a year.

The system, placed outside the pharmacy, allows your customer to benefit of all the products stored in your MEDISTORE, through self-service mode, in compliance with the laws.


Virtual Exbitors increase the number of products available and visible for free sale, such as otc or parapharmaceutical products, with the support of monitor touch screen, in a restricted area.

Prices, general information and advertising materials will be automatically showed off and updated.

Your pharmacy will appear more modern and dynamic without the necessity of preparing, organizing and cleaning the exhibition shelves.

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